Dr. Liat Ben David

"Preminance of man - a journey to the success of homo sapiens"

Liat is an outstanding and experienced speaker, highly professional in the field of education in general, and excellence in STEAM in particular, areas in which she has developed unique and specific models that are implemented throughout Israel. For the past 5 years, she serves as the CEO of the famous Wolf Foundation, selecting the internationally-acclaimed Wolf Prize, second only to the Nobel Prize. Liat herself holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, lectures and teaches regularly in various spheres (including academia) about science, technology and humans. She is also an accomplished author who has published numerous books, fiction and non-fiction alike - including one novel in English! - as well as a regular blog - www.liatbd.com

Tal Choresh

TEDxEilat Marketing and  Sponsorships leader

An expert in managing as well as building marketing strategies: managing PR, advertising, media buying, investor relations, target market identification and budget management.

The people of:


Yadin Soffer


About Yadin:

Professional Dancer, Personal Trainer, Web developer, Chemistry student. Yadin began teaching dance at the mere age of 15. What started out as a volunteer endeavor quickly turned in to large-scale dance classes – today, Yadin teaches dance nation-wide. Growing up he realized that what one does should not define and limit ones’ horizons so he ventured off to study a completely un-related topic that intrigued him: web development. Later on, he wrote and published a patent in the USTP for his startup: a peer-to-peer learning method and platform. Today Yadin is a 21-year-old BBA student at Tel Aviv Universities’ exact science faculty and a Wingate Institute graduate.

Driven by the passion of spreading his ideas about first impressions and what defines one as a human being Yadin is the Founder and Executive Director of TEDxTelAvivUniversity who’s theme was entirely dedicated to spreading his message.

Omri Gefen


About Omri:

An expert in the fields of Collaboration, Conflict Management, Mediation, Negotiation and Consensus Building. A lecturer at the Leadership Executive Program in Tel-Aviv University and at Ben-Gurion University.

Following the assassination of the Israeli prime minister, Omri established Gevim Group in 1996, which is the leading firm in Mediation and Collaboration in Israel, engaged in various processes driven by the vision of transforming society and creating a Collaborative society. 

Roy Scher


About Roy:

Mr Roy Scher

C.E.O. of the Advanced Leadership Academy for International Skills Development.

Mr. Scher is involved in a variety of community activities to uplift and care for those who are in need. He initiated meetings with members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) to help them better understand the plight of immigrants from underprivileged countries.

Whilst doing this Mr. Scher opened his own unique business that soon gained fame and recognition far and wide for his exceptional excellence in customer care. Since 2005 Mr. Scher turned his attention to Life Coaching. He then went on to create "STAR" an Empowerment Program for Teens at Risk.

Mr. Scher was called upon to do highly specialized coaching for victims of terror who suffer from P.T.S.D.

All this was leading up to where Mr. Scher finds himself today, to build an Academy for Gifted youngsters on a level of exceptional excellence.

Mr. Scher's life's message is one of unique and powerful inspirational upliftment on a level of par excellence with sincere heartfelt love and care for all people from all walks of life. 

Taya Avinoam

The Dance:

East and West


Tchelet Caon 

About the dance:

The dance raises the question of our identity as people of Western with Eastern roots, their positive aspects – the vivid and the wealth culture, Compared with the difficulties that we face, treated differently, non-acceptance.

Or Haviv

TedxEilat Founder and Organizer 

Husband, father, teacher,startups investor and mentor. CEO of the EilatHub- the first startup accelerator in the Eilat region, Israel. BA e-Business Management, MA Conflict Management and Resolution.

"Don't judge how successful was the passing day by the amount of fruits you picked, judge it by the amounts of seeds you sowed".

Kathleen Parisien

TedxEilat Social Media leader

A passionate, confident and resourceful Canadian who has immersed herself in Brazilian and Israeli culture and society. I believe that to make the world a better place, one must see and experience the world. I am a social analyst, and an "outside the box thinker". I have a BA in Criminology and Political Science, and currently obtaining an MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from Tel Aviv University. I am a fitness and health guru, continuously seeking ways for self-enrichment. I believe that success thrives when the body, mind and spirt are balanced between tranquility and determination.

Yuval Abramovitz

The Talk:

"The List"- At the age of 16, Abramovitz found himself paralyzed, bound to a wheelchair. Ignoring his medical condition, every time he had an idea of something he wanted to accomplish, he wrote it down in an old notebook and focused on dreaming.

Yuval Abramovitz is an actor, radio host and presenter, writer and entrepreneur and his career in Israel spans 23 years. He has published five books, all of which have made it to the best-seller list.

The book 'The List: Shout Out Your Dreams!' came out in July 2014 and within a week, made it to Israel’s bestseller's list. Over 40,000 copies have been sold and the book is still selling. It is available as an e-book on Amazon and has reached 12th on Amazon’s list and rated No. 1 on the list of motivational books. Following the success of the book The List: Shout Out Your Dreams!  A new book came out recently called ‘The Idea – A Dream Into Reality’, continues practical tools on how to turn business ideas into reality. For the past three weeks 5,000 copies have been sold in stores and it's still selling. The children's version of  the book, 'The List’ is scheduled to come out in April in Israel. Yuval has been to a tour in the United States in February 2016 as a guest lecturer and met with a few publishers in order to publish his book in the United States.

Michael Prager


About Michael:

is the author of two books, including the new “Sustainable You,” as well as a speaker and wellness and lifestyle coach. Until 2007, he had been a daily newspaper journalist in the United States, including for 14 years at the Boston Globe. He resides in Arlington, Mass., US, with his wife, Georgina, and his son, Joseph.