נושא ההרצאה: איזון מגדרי בצמתי השפעה כמנוף לחברה טובה יותר

The Talk:
A gender-balanced future: My promise to Lennie

About the speaker:
When my granddaughter Lennie was born, I promised her a gender balanced society by her 18th birthday. But today, although women account for over 50% of the world’s population, we are the largest minority in the Business & Governmental decision making platforms, in key positions, conferences and panels and, regrettably, in our paychecks. The misconceptions are that “there are no suitable women candidates” or that “women are simply not interested”. As a serial social entrepreneur and liberal feminist, I decided to step up to the challenge and change the misconceptions. Two years ago I founded SUPERSONAS: a social organization aimed at promoting gender balance in influential and decision-making platforms. Today SUPERSONAS embraces 1400 female professionals from our home base in Israel and in our branches in NY, Chicago, London and Berlin, on our website and in our virtual and actual communities. Our work also resulted in the founding of SHE SPEAKS – a groundbreaking academy aimed at promoting female lecturers and certifying women in the art of Rhetoric. As a serial entrepreneur who wishes to invest in women's employment in Israel's remote peripheries, I founded Desert 19 – an outsourcing agency in Mitzpe Ramon which as of today has created vocations and careers for 30 women – some of which were subjected to chronic unemployment. Gender Balance and women's future are our responsibility. We have to walk the talk to create equal opportunities for the next generation. I am determined to keep my promise to Lennie.

על ההרצאה
מחקרי אורך בינלאומיים שפורסמו בהווארד ביזנס ריוויו,  מוכיחים באופן חד משמעי שהנהלות בכירות מאוזנות מגדרית מניבות רווחים ארגוניים גבוהים יותר

אף על פי כן, קולן של נשים לא נשמע בשיח הציבורי, בשדרות הניהול וההשפעה ובתהליכי קבלת החלטות. היום, יותר מתמיד, על העולם לפעול בראי האיזון המגדרי. לא בגלל שזה פוליטיקלי קורקט, אלא בגלל שזהו צו השעה, לעתיד המשק והחברה
על המרצה

​Supersonas Founder & Dessert19 Investor

משנה ליו”ר קבוצת מקאן תל אביב, קבוצת הפרסום הגדולה בישראל
יוזמת, מייסדת ויו”ר מקאן וואלי, סוכנות לניו-מדיה במצפה רמון

נשיאת סופרסונס – קהילה למען שוויון מגדרי, מובילה ומשקיעה ב- "מדבר 19" – חברה לשירותי טלמרקטינג במצפה רמו
מובילה ומשקיעה ב- "כנרת 19" - פלטפורמה לשיתופי פעולה לקהילה ולעסקים
מרצה ומשתתפת בפאנלים בנושאי ציונות חברתית, יזמות ושוויון מגדרי

אני מאמינה: דברים רעים קורים כשאנשים טובים שותקים.

ד"ר אור קרסין  Dr. Orr Karassin

עתיד הרגולציה והמשילות - איך יראה השלטון המקומי והארצי בעתיד

THE TALK: The Future of Governance and Regulation

About the talk: 
Technological advances and resulting behavioral changes have been fast paced in the last 20 years. Yet, our governmental and governance institutions have lagged behind and not followed the pace of change.  How may the future of our governance and regulatory systems look like? In what ways can technology, open source information, social media, global human networks and increased human mobility effect changes in governance and the government of the future?

About the speaker:

Dr. Orr Karassin is an expert on regulation and governance and sustainability. She is head of the Public Law Program at the Open University of Israel. Dr. Karassin has won many prizes, grants and scholarships for her work. She has acted as a member of various national and international environmental governance committees.

מכירת הכרטיסים בעיצומה- מספר המקומות הפנויים מוגבל

פרופ' יואב יאיר Prof. Yair​

THE TALK: Can we survive the future climate of the Middle East?

About the talk:
Among the global "hot spots" for climate change in the coming decades the Mediterranean Basin and especially the Middle East stand out. Rising temperatures, shifting weather patterns and decreasing rains and water paint an ominous future for Israel and its neighbors. We need to prepare together because climate change does not care about borders. This talk describes the way for a sustainable future and offers hope.

About the speaker:
Prof. Yair is Dean of the School of Sustainability at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (IDC). He is an atmospheric physicist specializing in severe weather, lightning (on Earth and other planets), cosmic rays, solar-terrestrial relations, dust storms and climate change. He is the author of text books in the atmospheric sciences and authored (and co-) over 85 refereed research papers.

פרופ' ישע סיון Prof. Yesha Sivan

דפוסי המנהיגות של העתיד -  איזה מגמות עולמיות מתרחשות כבר היום שיעצבו את העתיד שישפיע על כולנו


PIE: The Future of Digital Leadership

About the talk:
Historically, individuals, teams, and groups have used a cycle Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (PIE) to accomplish goals. The PIE, as a mental model, served us well as an organizing leadership pattern. Yet the 21st century calls for several changes for the classic PIE model.  This TEDx talk will cover the basics of PIE as well as the evolving nature of the modern PIE – presenting an evoking and practical leadership tool for the 21st century.

About the speaker:
Prof. Yesha Sivan is the Executive Director of The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management. He is also the founder of Metaverse Labs (MVL) - a leading think tank focusing on “innovating innovating.” Sivan's professional experience includes developing and deploying innovative solutions for corporate, hi-tech, government, and defense environments (see for example the Harvard 9-Keys for Knowledge Infrastructure). His blog is http://www.dryesha.com.

 DR LIAT BEN DAVID ד"ר ליאת בן דויד 

עתיד החינוך- המהפכה האנושית הבאה. המהפכה רק התחילה, כיצד כמויות המידע האדירות הנוצרות כול יום ישפיעו על חיינו ויעצבו את עתידנו?

THE TALK: Rerouting Education - the next human revolution is here

About the talk:
Ours is an age of ubiquitous, multidisciplinary, exponentially-growing and free-for-all knowledge, resulting in extreme global expansion and change in the use of time, space, resources and interaction. Yet we still demand our children to develop old-world skills in a highly outdated system. The roles and goals of education call for rerouting. As the second decade of the 21st century approaches its end, we can no longer afford to merely change our schoolbooks, add more teachers and resources or update our technologies. There is no other choice: The system isn't looking forward to reform. It's setting it's eyes on a revolution.

About the speaker:
Liat is an outstanding and experienced speaker, highly professional in the field of education in general, and excellence in STEAM in particular, areas in which she has developed unique and specific models that are implemented throughout Israel. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, lectures and teaches regularly in various spheres (including academia and TEDx) about science, technology, society and education. LIat is also an accomplished author who has published numerous books, fiction and non-fiction alike. 

טדי לזבניק Teddy Lazebnik

נושא: הדבר הקטן הבא – העתיד דרך ננורובוטיקה

נדבר על העתיד של פיתוח טכנולוגיות, כיצד אפשר להתקדם מעבר לחלומות הפרועים ביותר שלנו – כיצד ניתן לבנות רובוטים בגודל של כמה עשרות אוטומטים בלבד ואיך היכולת הזאת תשפיע עלינו בשנים הקרובות. עולם הננו-רובוטיקה מהווה פתח לעתיד שונה ומרגש אך בדרך עומדים מכשולים רבים. תעשיות כמו רפואה והנדסה ישנו את פניהם ואייתם גם אנחנו צריכים להשתנות כדי ליצור חברה טכנולוגית, מודרנית ומתפתחת יותר – השאלה היא רק איך עושים את זה


About the talk:
We’ll talk about the future of technology development; how can we progress and develop technology beyond our most crazy dreams – How can we build robots of the size of dozens of atoms only and how this ability influence us in the next few years. The world of nanorobotics is a door for a different, exciting future but with the way is full of obstacles. Industries like medicine and engineering will dramatically change and we should change too, to create a technological, modern, and evolving society – the only question is how do we do it?

About the speaker:
M.Sc at Bar Ilan University and Algorithms at WingSourcingI started my studies at the age of 14 and shifted to mathematics and computer science at the age of 16. Finish my first and second degree at the age of 19 and solving open question in numerical calculation algorithms. Was partner in 3 startups… Now days, working on algorithms for medical nanorobotics, shooting from bow and arrow and soldier in the IDF.

פיונה דרמון Fiona Darmon

THE TALK: To Want, To Dare, To Soar: Innovating your Future
נושא: לרצות, להעז, להמריא – המצא את העתיד

About the talk:
Working over the years with numerous entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders, Fiona will share a fresh perspective on the true qualities needed to push the box and dare, to try again and how to react when coming up against challenges and opportunities, in the quest to achieve the ultimate goal. 

About the speaker:

Fiona Darmon, a Partner with internationally acclaimed VC Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), has spent the past 23 years in Israel’s investment and venture capital community rising the ranks to being perceived today as one of the leading figures in Israel’s VC scene. From her childhood in the UK and France, through her teen years in Israel and serving as an officer in Israel’s elite 8200 unit Fiona filled her toolbox with impressions and skills that went on to serve her through her accession in Israel’s tech scene. Fiona is a keen supporter of the next generation and is a mentor both with 8200 units Woman2Woman forum and the College of Management’s Mentorim project. Married to Avishay, Fiona has two children and when not travelling enjoys creating wines with her winemaker husband.  

קרן ליטני KEREN LITANI
​חַכּוֹת | כלכלה, טכנולוגיה ועתיד העבודה בעידן הדיגיטל

THE TALK: In search of Fishing Rods - Economy, Technology and The future of Work

About the talk: 
Keren Litani is part the 80’s generation that grew up in Israel under the motto ‘give them fishing rods not fish’.
In Israel during the 80’s and 90’s, it was true (or at least felt true) to think that social policy is like providing fishing rods and teach fishing.
Now that she is a mother of Maya and Shira, she is in a constant search for ‘fishing rods’ for her daughters.
In a technological world that is changing at a rapid rate with increasing inequality and lack of job security; in a world of robots and artificial intelligence where obtaining jobs feels like science fiction, threatening the existence of mankind as we know it…Keren Litani asks: What is the best way to catch fish?

About the speaker:
Founder & President, Socialize
Keren earned her BA in Communications and Management from the Israeli College of Management. Prior to being an entrepreneur, for over a decade, Keren has achieved some remarkable goals as an executive corporate citizen. She excels not only in sales and marketing channel management, but also in marketing and business development in high-profile global corporations such as Oracle, HP and McAfee both in Israel and the Mediterranean region.
Keren is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and president of Socialize Summits, where top experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about business and technology challenges relating to the emerging social layer of business.

ד"ר ליאת יקיר DR LIAT YAKIR

עתיד הזוגיות - מסע להבנת עתיד תחום הזוגיות דרך עולם המדע והטכנולוגיה

THE TALK: What is Love – scientifically? and how will human love patterns change in the future?
About the talk:
Millions of songs, tales, books, films were written about it. It's created and vanished every second, throwing women and men into an emotional swirl – 'Love'.
But what love exactly is – Scientifically?  How is it created in our brains? Why it occupies our minds so much? How do we choose the one, and the next one…? What our genes tells us about parity? Is it built to last?
During our talk we will answer these questions by reviewing cutting edge scientific research on love and parity. Armed with the fascinating scientific insights we will try to predict how human love and parity patterns will change in the future - changes that are already taking place right now.   

About the speaker:
Liat holds a Ph.D. from the Molecular Genetics Department at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. Her research interests include topics in biochemistry, genetics and evolution. Today she is passionate about science communication and science education for the benefit of society. In addition, she studies the evolutionary roots of human behaviors, in its female and male colors.